Our Business to Client Service Offering


Our Business to Business Service Offering

KVR Qhubeka

Delivering high quality training, learnership, project management and human capital consulting solutions based on the following pillars:


Sharing and utilizing our vast industry & training-related knowledge

KVRQhubeka is committed to providing and sharing invaluable knowledge with its stakeholders, clients and learners, empowering business growth, productivity and career development.


A customized approach, competitive pricing with personalized and dedicated support

Our value proposition is much more than just training. A customised approach aligns with the needs of each client ensuring that we provide unparalleled value and support at the best price.


Building respectful, sustainable and transparent business relationships

We pride ourselves on building sustainable business relationships with each of our clients. We improve your bottom line, employee productivity and guide you towards great success.


Focused on the progress, growth and success of our clients and learners.

Qhubeka is the Nguni word for "advancement". Here, at KVR Qhubeka, everything we do is about the progress, growth and success of our clients and learners.