Technical Training Programmes

Perform Basic Welding

This programme enables individuals to perform heat-related joining of metals, using oxy-fuel gas processes, brazing, soldering, high frequency brazing, butt welding and spot welding. Individuals completing this programme are able to verify task requirements and select necessary welding processes, equipment and consumables to comply with specifications and to apply safe work practices.

Sling Loads

This programme enables individuals to effectively sling loads safely before allowing load-moving equipment to remove / move the load. On completion of the programme, learners understand the importance of applying safe slinging techniques and how this is achieved. A basic knowledge is included of weight determining, determining what load slinging equipment is required, lashing the load, attaching the load to the selected lifting equipment and signaling the lifting equipment operator.

Using and Caring for Engineering Tools and Equipment

This programme enables individuals to effectively use and care for a range of power tools including but not limited to drilling machines, grinders, sanders, brushes, riveters, buffs, wrenches (including impact type), saws and tacks. The programme also covers but is not limited to clamping, changing blades, replacing, adjustment or setting up, cleaning, lubricating and tightening tools as required, as well as the safety precautions and the use of personal protective equipment. Statutory and industry requirements such as SABS, OSH Act and manufacturer specifications are covered as well.