Essential Programmes

Essential Programmes 1/4

Preparing for the Workplace

This programme prepares delegates for the world of work in terms of career opportunities and to find employment or adjust effectively to the work environment.

Essential Programmes 2/4

Supercharged Communication

This programme enables delegates to communicate effectively in everyday workplace contexts. The programme is designed for all levels of learners across various industries.

Essential Programmes 3/4

Media Relations

This programme enables delegates in leadership roles to communicate effectively with staff as well as managing media relations in various sectors.

Essential Programmes 4/4

Supercharged Customer Service

This programme enables delegates to effectively interact with customers to the benefit of the business. It also enables delegates to select from a wide range of procedures (standard and non- standard) while being responsible for group output and enabling a person to draw up and implement action plans to improve service standards.

Distribution And Warehousing Programmes

Distribution And Warehousing... 1/6

Introduction to Stock Taking

This programme is intended for persons working in the retail and wholesale sector who count stock for either general stock counts or for a financial stocktake.

Distribution And Warehousing... 2/6

Move, Pack and Maintain Stock in a DC / Warehouse

This programme provides the delegate with basic skills in moving, picking, packing and maintaining stock levels.

Distribution And Warehousing... 3/6

Receive Stock in a DC/Warehouse

This programme provides the delegate with basic skills in moving, picking, packing and maintaining stock levels.

Distribution And Warehousing... 4/6

Stock Maintenance

This programme focuses on how to access and interpret information on stock record-keeping systems, analyse and monitor stock movement, initiate and control stock counts and record details on record-keeping systems in order to maintain and update stock balances.

Distribution And Warehousing... 5/6

Product Cost and Pricing

This programme covers the following areas:

  • Calculate the total costs involved in producing a product
  • Distinguish between fixed and variable costs
  • Carry out a break-even analysis
  • Know how to calculate the selling price of a product.

Distribution And Warehousing... 6/6

Warehouse Design and Assembly

This programme is specifically developed for the warehousing and distribution industry. In this programme delegates will learn how to transact material receipts, route materials to designated storage areas and store / warehouse materials. This includes processing documentation, picking material, auditing inventory and taking appropriate corrective action where required.

Management Programmes

Management Programmes 1/13

Coaching Skills

Focuses on coaching individuals in a business environment in order to improve the level of performance to meet a team's required service levels.

Management Programmes 2/13

Mentoring Skills

Enabling Supervisors, Team Leaders, Line Managers and people involved in Human Resource Management to apply the skills and techniques required by a mentor in the workplace.

Management Programmes 3/13

Motivating Staff

Enabling management to enhance performance management, staff motivation and successfully applying both within various contexts.

Management Programmes 4/13

Performance Management

This programme enables the delegate to set performance goals and measures; to formulate development plans; and to monitor and evaluate performance.

Management Programmes 5/13

Time Management

This programme is intended for delegates who need to make decisions and recommendation about effective time management.

Management Programmes 6/13

Change Management

This programme enables delegates to demonstrate an understanding of diversity among people and in particular in a specific workforce. In addition, the delegate will gain understanding the role and importance played by managing change in attitudes and the attributes of a good change agent in SA.

Management Programmes 7/13

Conflict Management

This programme enables delegates to identify and manage the resolution of personal conflict between parties or persons.

Management Programmes 8/13

Diversity Management

This programme assists delegates in demonstrating an understanding of the theory of transformation and the role of organizational change in South Africa and the recognition of value systems.

Management Programmes 9/13

Emotional Intelligence

Equip employees in management roles with the needed skill and capacity to be aware of, control and express one?s emotions and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.

Management Programmes 10/13


Enabling employees in leadership roles to create and articulate a realistic, credible and attractive vision of the future that improves upon the present situation.

Management Programmes 11/13

Project Management

This programme is aimed at empowering delegates involved in project management or in building project management teams.

Management Programmes 12/13

Risk Management

Enables employees to apply the core concepts of risk management and inform policy decision and strategic decision-making processes.

Management Programmes 13/13


This programme is aimed at Management on a supervisory level to provide necessary skills for building team cohesion better productivity and teamwork.