Compliance Programmes

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA)

This programme outlines the steps and procedures for Hazard identification and Risk Assessment within various industries and environments.

Basic Fire Fighting

This programme outlines the basic skills and knowledge required for fire fighting.

HIV/AIDS in the Workplace

This programme provides a broad introduction to HIV/AIDS in the workplace. It introduces a broad case of knowledge about HIV/AIDS that will enable learners to be informed and caring workers in an industry. The focus is knowledge, skills, values and attitudes in relation to the learner`s own context and experience of the world of work.

Occupational Health and Safety Management

This programme enables employees in leadership or management positions to monitor the application of safety, health and environmental protection procedures to maintain the discipline of the safety, health and environmental protection system. Learners are able to monitor adherence; promote and maintain preventive measures; coach their work team; and evaluate and suggest changes to the system. This programme also provides delegates with the skills to implement and maintain health, safety and environmental legislation in a workplace.