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The recruitment process can often be time-consuming and expensive. In addition the aggravation of working with recruiters that simply don’t understand your needs can be frustrating. At KVRQhubeka we take the hassle out of recruitment. We provide you with the necessary information and resources to make the right decisions. With a standard fee that never changes and no other hidden costs regardless of which employee or position we recruit, choosing KVRQhubeka as a recruitment partner just makes sense!

KVRQhubeka takes the hassle out of recruitment by:

Providing you with information

Providing you with resources

Helping you make the right decisions

Standard fee - No hidden costs

The Recruitment Process

  • check_circleClient provides a job specification
  • check_circleKVRQhubeka pre-screens and recruits according to the job specification
  • check_circleCandidates are pre-assessed and interviewed by KVRQhubeka and the client
  • check_circleA shortlist of candidates is compiled and relevant checks are conducted
  • check_circleThe shortlist is provided to the client. Additional interviews can take place or the client can select the appropriate candidate.

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