General Education & Training Certificate: Food & Beverage Handling Practices (NQF 1)

Programme Details

This qualification contributes to increasing levels of personal and product safety and develops a common integrated and co-ordinated approach to the handling of food and related products. A person acquiring this qualification will be able to have an understanding of personal and product safety, life skills that will allow them to be responsible citizens - which in turn, will provide benefits to the society and economy of South Africa - and knowledge and skills in the handling of food and related products. The learner is sensitised to the specific culture, opportunities and demands relating to food handling.

This programme is targeted at learners who are currently in or are to be trained to work in an environment where they will be required to handle food and beverage products. The programme is essential for all employees within the food and beverage manufacturing, hospitality, wholesale & retail and food distribution and supply chain industries. The qualification is also highly recommended for any employee required to handle food and beverage products in any industry.