Non-Credit Bearing 
Short Courses

These programmes and short courses are focussed on developing specific skills and do not carry credits towards national qualifications.

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Business and Human Resources
Grievances and Disputes
Labour Relations
Human Resources Policies and Procedures
The Business Environment
Decision Making and Problem Solving Techniques
Basic Personal Budgeting
Employment Equity
Supercharged Presentation Skills
Supercharged Sales
Preparing for the Workplace
Stress Management
Introduction to Management

Logistics, Distribution and Warehousing
Road Transport Fundementals
Principles of Supply Chain Management
The Logistics Environment
Logistics Management
Basic Road Transport Management

Business and Human Resources

The primary differences between business management and human resource management can be found by examining their fundamental roles. Operations vs. Employees. While those in business management roles oversee a company's operational capabilities, human resource managers focus on a company's employee base.  

Logistics, Distribution and Warehousing

Logistic is the process of planning, controlling and implementation of storage goods from the starting points and movement of the final product. Warehousing is a planned space for the handling and storage of goods and material.   

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